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Hello friends!
  I hope all of you had an incredible Easter hanging out with your family and eating lots and lots of good food. Easter at the Dorr household was great. Our family came into town on Saturday so we went to church at Highlands on Saturday night. WHAT a service. To say that PC  brought da fire would be an understatement. I wanted to blog about something today that I think everyone needs to hear. The sermon this weekend was all about the story of Lazarus. One of Jesus' friends, who DIED - but Jesus brought him back to life. PC kept relating the story of Lazarus back to us, and how no matter how far away from God you are or how "over" you think something is, its NOT OVER. I mean Lazarus was DEAD. No pulse, no breathing, nothing. Jesus brought him back to life. I would personally say that death is pretty much final. But not for our Lord Jesus. 

Nothing is final with Him.

Over the weekend, my family was trying to decide what movie we wanted to watch on our Netflix-thingy. We were scrolling through them when I see a movie that I was OBSESSED with as a child,  "The Little Princess." My little sister Juju didn't even REMEMBER it, so I thought I would do it justice today and watch it before my night class. This movie is about this little girl who is sent to a boarding school while her dad goes to war. She has all the luxuries of life - clothes, food, an education, and friends. But then a message comes from overseas and she finds out that her dad had passed away in battle.  The woman in charge of the school (she is so mean - think like the gross head master woman in Matilda) tells her that since no one is paying for her tuition, she is going to make her a servant girl and is stripped of all of her possessions to pay for her tuition that her dad was never able to pay. She is devastated, and for a while, she gives up hope. While she is hard at work at the school, the movie kind of turns and there is this older man looking for his son who enlisted in the war and had gone missing. He gets called in to a hospital saying that they had found his son, but he had lost his memory from an explosion. The man goes to the hospital, but to his dismay, it is actually not his son.  He decides anyway to take this poor man into his home (which is right next door to the boarding school), and nurse him back to health himself. The man cannot remember anything- not who he is, or who his family is, or what he is doing on the earth. I don't want to give you all of the details of the movie, but the plot line keeps turning and at the end the little girl ends up at the older man's house and sees the soldier and recognizes him and helps him remember that he is actually her daddy. I cried for about 30 minutes. It is SUCH a good movie.  And now I am sitting in class and I was just so amazed by what the Lord did through this movie that I had to blog about it. This movie is just like the story of Lazarus! The characters in both stories thought that their beloved family member was dead - but at the end of the story - BOOOM! They are ALIVE!

Are you seeing any similarities here between The Little Princess, Lazarus, and the story of EASTER?! It's just crazy to me. Although I loved Pastor Chris' message, I had forgotten about it this morning. But of course Jesus shows up and knocks me off my feet. The message is so true. Sarah, the little princess in the story, had been through EVERYTHING and her life was the opposite of perfect. But her dad came back and took her exactly how she was. This is just like Jesus! No matter how badly you mess up, no matter how "finished" you think a situation is, Jesus has his ultimate plan for your life and He knows exactly what He wants to happen. He's got the whole world in His Hands! 

This has just been on my heart today, hope you were encouraged by it!

He is alive and SO real today!

-Kitty Kat Meow

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  1. Hey Katherine! Awesome blog today. You are such a smart girl and an excellent writer and evangelist. I am glad you are mine! I love you!