Monday, August 29, 2011

im baaaaack

I am officially back in the blogging world. 
What a crazy few months. So sorry I have been out of touch! Life is so so so good. I finished my freshman year at Alabama on a weird note with the tornado hitting my city in such a tragic way. We didn't take exams and everyone just had to go home without saying goodbye.

Over the summer I was incredibly blessed to work with Callie Hanson at Church of the Highlands in the Creative Department. I had such a good time working in that line of work and getting to know Callie. 

Oh and no big deal but my brother Luke got MARRIED to the girl of his dreams, Ashley Carroll, well, now Ashley Dorr, at the beach on July 23rd. It was a beautiful wedding on the beach with all of our families and their closest friends. Welcome to the family Smashley!!!! So happy for you two!

The summer is over now and I am finally back in good 'ole Tuscaloosa. I can't even begin to tell you how good it feels to be back. The relief effort here over the summer is inspiring. It makes me so happy to see these signs on all the crumbled buildings saying, "Pardon Our Progress" or "Coming Back Soon." The overall mood of this town has completely turned around and is now so hopeful, and you can really feel it where ever you go. 

I am living in my sorority house this year with one of my best friends Meredith, and we are absolutely loving it! Over the summer I tried to combine the terms "sister" and "rooms" to combine our two relationships into one and came out with "shrooms," which, for all you private school kids out there, is a type of hard drug. SO. Needless to say we edited that a little bit and she is now my "shroomie." Yes, i know it is precious, and yes, you may use it if you would like.
 We got finally through a week of Rush workshop (Praise The Lord!) and then we miraculously got through a week of Rush. Bid Day was a hot sweaty mess BUT Alpha Gamma Delta now officially has 84 new pledges, who we love so much and brag about waaaaay too much. They are just so sweet. Seriously. If you met them you would fall head over heels in love with them. 


Now that all of the Rush craziness is over, all of us sorority girls are forced to realize that yes, we actually do come to college for school. And now we have to focus on class, which started last Wednesday. I have a new major, Event Planning, and I am loving all of my classes this semester. I have to go buy all my textbooks (Yes I still don't have them ... it's so hot outside that my brain is tricking me into thinking that it is still summer, NOT OKAY.) but I just wanted to give a little blog update, I will be so much about better about blogging this semester I promise!!!

Peace and Blessins'

Kittyyyyy :)

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