Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Time Loving

Hello blogging world!
  Long time no talk. Life has been crazy busy lately, and I am seriously loving every minute of it. I finished my sophomore year at Alabama in May, and now I am at home in Birmingham working full time nannying for the most precious nine year old named Isabella. Her favorite things in the world are Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Harry Potter, and One Direction.. so obviously we are kind of sort of totally and completely soul mates. This summer has been filled with lots of cooking, working out, reading, and hanging out with my family and Isabella. Right now our family is getting SO excited for our annual beach trip in just THREE DAYS. I have been so busy this summer that I have literally been to the pool once, (you can probably imagine my vampire/ghost white skin color now) so I cannot wait to have a week to lay out by the ocean and spend time with my family.

a little puppy lovin on mother's day with juju, chaco, and nelly
mumsie and pops at new york pizza for rusty's birthday
isabella with the poster that we made for the one direction concert!

Who's going to see JB with her three best friends in January? THIS GIRL.
oh just hanging out at the zoo with isabella
rusty and joanne went to the bahamas for a week and somehow forgot to put us in their suitcases...?
princess honey looking mighty beautiful
meeting iron man at the movie theater, no big deal
just a little excited about justin's new cd
 isabella with her very first JB cd :)

little juju and mumsie at julia's dance recital
july 4th with jakey poo
This past weekend I finally got to see my best friends (some for the first time since we left Tuscaloosa) when we met in Birmingham to celebrate our friend Alex's 20th birthday! We surprised her at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then went back to my house to open presents and eat cookie cake. Seeing everyone again made me realize just how much I missed them and how thankful I am that I have an amazing group of girls to go back to in the fall. Here are some pictures of our fabulous day!

oh em geeee surrrrpriiiiizeee
the beautiful birthday girl

so thankful for all of you
love this birthday gurlie
Even though this post is probably as long as waiting in line at the DMV on a bad day, I think I am pretty much caught up now! I hope everyone is enjoying their last few weeks of summer. I just realized today that I only have two weeks left here until I move all of my junk back to Tuscaloosa, and seven of those days I will be hopefully tanning on the beach with the fam. Anyways, thanks so much for reading, I hope everyone has an incredible week! God Bless and Roll Tide!

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